Thursday, September 13, 2012

UFRT Day 4 : Normandy to Versailles to Paris

Day 4 was Easter, and after breakfast it was time to leave Normandy.  On the way out we stopped at the American Cemetery and Memorial

After a few hours of driving we arrived at Versailles.  This could have been the worst traveling mistake ever made as the ticket girl informed us the wait to see the palace was around 2 hours.  She also mentioned Easter was the busiest day of the whole year, doh!  Thankfully after strolling the gardens for an hour we waited 20 min in line for the palace but it was crowded.

After leaving in Versailles we drove into Paris for the night.  This was an add on stop from the original plan, but I didn't mind.  Stopping in Paris is always fun!

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  1. LOVE these... That military map is insane!!

    Versaille is surreal.