Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Three Days

Wow I can't believe I've been in Switzerland a week already! Let's go back in time and round up the last week's events...

April 13 Wednesday
My very turbulent flight from Dulles arrived around 7:30am. After waiting for my luggage (2 checked bags plus 2 carry-ons) I was happy to find Jim outside of baggage claim. Thankfully, he got a cab for us instead of taking the bus to the apartment.
I took a quick tour of the apartment, and then we went to the small grocery store around the corner for some breakfast. Later we took the tram to the Ikea for apartment things, went to the big grocery store and picked up Jim's favorite dinner, Doner Kebabs.

a stocked fridge, a light snack, the PS3 control/candle drawer (Jim did this), German Spongebob, Doner Kebab wrap and sandwich

April 14 Thursday
Jim went to work and I slept until noon (ha!). But then he came home for lunch and showed me how to do the laundry, which was slightly complicated at first. After lunch and I attempted to work on building wardrobes.

one completed wardrobe open, and closed, parts to the next monster, opening up my clothes that were shipped on the crate back in October (yay!)

April 14 Friday
Friday was a beautiful sunny day. It was nice enough to open up the windows and let the sun shine in. I worked on more laundry and organizing the apartment. When Jim got home we went out to a celebratory dinner here. The food and wine were amazing.

Dinner included:

Marbré de foie gras de canard, compotée de rhubarbe à la grenadine et sa brioche toastée

Foie gras with grenadine/rhubarb compote and toasted brioche

Crevettes Kuruma émulsion au haddock, jardinière de fèves

Japanese shrimp with an emulsion of haddock and fava beans

Quasi de veau rôti au four, sauce aux morilles, ragoût d’asperges, mousseline de pommes de terre

Veal roast with morel sause, asparagus ragout and mashed potatoes

Soupe de fraises mara des bois au balsamique, crème glacée au yoghourt et sa tuile aux amandes

Strawberries with yogurt ice cream and almond tuile

there was also a bonus course at the beginning of vichyssoise soup, and we let the waiter pair each course with a glass of wine. Awesome!

view from our living room, zoomed in view of the mountain you can see from our living room, view to the left- up Avenue De-Luserna, our rental car to get to dinner Friday :)